Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hues of You

I wish to trace the sunlight on your lips with the gentle touch of my fingers, satiate my wondering at how they seem to make my world spin just by the words that they give birth to. If I can, I would drink the sunlight from your lips, too, so that I may never be thirsty again. You are the water I need, like rain is to the Sahara, if only you would allow. I am willing to risk everything even for a drop.

Your voice is my music, a song I yearn to listen to every day, and my ears do not want it any other way, because in you they hear what the promise of the future brings, what it holds for its secrets, the unknown edging closer to certainty, farther now from doubts, the better things in life just biding their time until, at last, tomorrow has become today.

Oftentimes before I go to sleep I think about the days ahead, and I can always see you there, a presence eclipsing the sorrows I have had. And then happiness trickles in until it turns into a river that rushes forth, carrying the strength of a thousand happy days, maybe more, and at that point I welcome it with open arms, let it consume me because that is the least that a lover can do.

Apart from having to wait, and it humbles me.

I wait with the kind of patience that I suddenly find difficult to measure. I can try to put it in words by saying that I wait the way a seed yearns for the sun as the stars keep vigil over this germ of hope, but that is nowhere near half of what I am feeling. I may say that I wait like a child quite eager to have someone help him find his way home, but the innocence that I bear is the kind that you would expect from someone who knows his way around, never gets lost, and so I will look for you if need be, because now I understand where I belong, where I want to be.

And I think you know where.

For Kae


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

Di halatang in love. :D :D

Love will always be an enigma. You can do great and surprising things when you're in love. ^_^

♔iamrei♔ said...

I had goosebumps reading. You have a wonderful way with metaphors Sir.

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't find the right words to say. Just this: ER.MAH.GERD. 💛😁

Hector Besmonte said...

I think I know who made this haha!

citybuoy said...

You are great when you're depressed but you're best when you're in love. I walk away from this post in awe of you *bow bow*

SPLICE said...

We all fall in love sometimes. :)