Thursday, April 25, 2013


It is not in your best interest to be the hypotenuse in a love triangle, especially right ones; you will always be opposite the right angle. Of the three, you will be the longest side that will never intersect the point where the other two lines meet. You will be the diagonal that will drive itself like a wedge between the vertical and horizontal, preventing their complete unity for as long as you can hold yourself together.

So don't draw the line you are unwilling to erase.


Carla O. said...

Now I know why I cried over Geometry in High School :|

SPLICE said...

It was in high school when I last loved mathematics. College is a different story altogether :/

kae said...

oh god. i was never a hypotenuse. never in my goddamn life. i wish triangles dont exist. without them, there would be no love triangles. goddamn love triangles. fish them!:D

im sorry i swear a lot. goddamn habit hard to break.

im lurking in somebody's blog again. another habit hard to break.:D

SPLICE said...


Curse words are fun. No need for an apology.

Thank you for "lurking"! :)